Recruitment and selection of staff

Recruitment and Selection of Staff

Recruitment and selection of new staff require the following key elements:

  • Thoroughly understanding the current job description and requirements
  • Having a clear trajectory as to whether the role will remain consistent or, if the role will have variations or additional responsibilities over time, which is common in managerial or senior level roles
  • Ensuring that the interview panel has the desired skills, experience and competencies to assess that the right candidate is recruited and selected for the role
  • Being able to accurately assess the candidate’s skills and experience through structured or semi-structured interviews and testing
  • Being able to determine whether the candidate is a fit within the company’s corporate culture and ethos.

The value of recruiting the right person for the role

Recruiting the right person for the job can be immensely rewarding. Recruiting the right hire provides your company with the confidence that a sustained and collaborative effort from your hiring or human resource team designated for the hire is achievable. It demonstrates that a recruitment process that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic can be executed within a specific time frame. This builds confidence in the company’s systems and is an immense morale booster to staff assigned to this task. This is particularly important where recruitment of staff has to be conducted internally or in-house and cannot be outsourced to a external recruitment firm for reasons which may include:

  • The outsourced recruitment company being unwilling to sign NDAs
  • The company wishing to retaining privacy and confidentiality over your company’s recruitment process
  • Corresponding intellectual property issues
  • Concerns about information being divulged to competitors

Metrics of a successful candidate

Recruitment goes much further than the company creating a job description and outlining the requirements. Being able to define the metrics required for success from company staff who have succeeded in the role or from external consultants who by their own virtue have succeeded in identical roles are vital. Insights from successful staff will provide a clear picture of the right skills, experience and competencies to assess a potential candidate. This information, in addition to the psychometric testing data in the recruitment process, psychological assessment and interview will help the company accurately understand if the candidate has the right fit within the organisation’s culture and ethos.

Mapping the right skills, qualities and traits to predict the right candidate

Our psychologists at Chat Clinic will guide your organisation to select the right person for the role. The consequences of offering a contract to the wrong candidate for the role or, relying on a hunch for an important role within the organisation can be a costly mistake for the company. This can result in lost time and resources by your hiring or human resources team. A misguided hire increases a company’s risk of a poorer financial outcomes placing the business’s reputation at risk. Being able to map the right skills, experience, qualities and traits for the role involves:

  • Analysing, defining and understanding the role’s requirements
  • Applying the appropriate psychometric and screening tests alongside a structured or semi-structured interview
  • Examining the assessment data and interview feedback from our psychologists and your staff to sharpen the interview and vetting process

Knowledge of the right skills, experience, qualities and traits is half the journey. The key questions in mind when crafting a tailored staff selection process for a company is – has the potential candidate been accurately predicted to be an effective one and can this process be replicated? Key tenets we adhere to when we work closely within the development of a recruitment process during the pre, current and post-selection periods :

  • Refining and making the hiring process as simple as possible
  • Continuously understanding, analysing and improving on the feedback received regarding applicants to ensure that key stakeholder’s expectations regarding hiring outcomes are data-driven
  • Being accountable for the quality control of the hires

This involves an emphasis on process mapping and training your team to ensure effective personnel selection capabilities are developed.

We are able to provide the following to streamline your staff selection process:

  • Refining the selection process so that it is structured in a way that is simple and allows management to account for the type of candidates received and, that the hiring process is replicable.
  • Analysing the job description and understanding what the requirements are to be certain that the candidate understands the role and there is a match within your company culture
  • Working together with your company’s hiring team to ensure that the vetting and screening process is targeted and appropriate
  • Upon request, be embedded in your company’s interview selection process where real-time feedback is required for candidates, provide post-interview guidance regarding the hiring process for key personnel
  • Review and development of the assessment tools that your team utilises as a part of the company’s selection process.
  • Taking the necessary steps to ensure that any risks in the personnel selection process are adequately accounted for and can be mitigated for if necessary by your hiring or human resource teams tasked with hiring which includes ensuring that the company adheres to requirements, standards, or regulations relating to your company’s industry.

We believe in tailored staff recruitment and selection solutions. This comes in the form of an entirely customised solution or, assistance that is required in components of your process, which would depend on the analysis of the needs of your company.

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