Psychological hazards in the workplace – Policies, Procedures and Risk Management

Psychological hazards in the workplace

Policies and procedures that thoughtfully consider the risks in the workplace

Standard company policies and procedures often underestimate psychological hazards and mental health risks in the workplace. Poor or incomplete risk management of a company’s exposure to psychological hazards in the workplace can be costly when a critical incident or conflict occurs. This is a common downfall in the policy and procedure development process, particularly when organisations or MNCs feel that they have taken sufficient steps to develop risk management policies, procedures and protocol particularly with a focus solely on physical, occupational and health safety requirements.

Policies and procedures that are in line with the times

The team of psychologists at Chat Clinic will help your company redefine current policies and procedures to ensure your organisation complies with legislated workplace health and safety requirements and also consider the shift in corporate culture, disclosure and transparency, corporate social responsibility, ethics and values including statutory requirements which require adaptation to commitments in diversity, mental health, inclusiveness, flexible working hours and employee wellbeing.

The changing demographics, attitudes and regulations in the workplace require thoughtful consideration of these components with your business. This will shape a conducive work environment that gives your company a strategic advantage over your competitors and appeal to the demands of today’s generation of employees.

We provide the following concerning policies and procedures for psychological risk management in the workplace:

  • Consultation and drafting of policies that provide confidence to the executive, management team and general staff that they will be prepared to mitigate any occurring or potential psychological risk factors present in the workplace

The types of outcomes that you can expect:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the psychological and mental health risk that your company may be burdened with and the implementation of a strategy to reduce this level of risk for your organisation
  • Undertaking prophylactic measures to reduce mental health issues arising in the workplace and to ensure that the organisation takes a preventative approach to identify and can manage these types of psychological risks. The company can expect to recuperate time, financial and manpower resources and most importantly their reputation in the market.
  • A team of executives, managers and employees that can identify, pre-empt and develop the awareness of mental health risks, recognise when self-care is required and encouraging a work culture where employees can take a ‘time-out’ or get constructive feedback from trained psychologists while simultaneously develop resilience and relational skills to look out for one other in the workplace.

Empowerment begins when employees have the available resources and are not stigmatised for utilising them.”

  • Employees present and future, aligning and resonating with user-friendly mental health, conflict resolution focused policies and procedures which have been developed in a manner that takes into consideration the organisation’s and employee’s rights and needs. Such documentation and programs can include:
  • Psychological and mental health risk factors incorporated into the critical incident policy and procedures
  • Being able to proactively pre-empt and take preventative measures to manage workplace mental health risks
  • The development of early identification procedures and screening tools to managing employees and family members who are at higher risk of experiencing mental health issues

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