Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Openness and objectives

Executive coaching of senior personnel requires two key conditions that every company has to contend with when discussing the performance of their executives and managers.

  • Firstly, it’s being open to identify the capabilities and limitations of the executives and managers

Once this conversation begins, that’s when it becomes easier to identify what’s holding back the company’s performance and contributing to the performance ceiling.

  • Secondly, it is about being able to define the objectives that need to be accomplished at the individual and company level

Developing a targeted training program that requires constructive and effective feedback and realignment. This can be in the form of formal remedial strategies to steer the executive towards the direction of professional growth.

Impact on the executive and the company

Executive coaching serves a dual function. The executive being coached grows and in turn, permits the business as a whole to benefit from the individual’s growth. This is evident in executive coaching for high-performance executives and managers where after receiving targeted, constructive and effective feedback and alignment. These executives are now able to empower their respective teams within the company, their colleagues and in turn, create significant opportunities for the business. Executive coaching enables the executive to develop a fresh perspective of their business and the business landscape. From a growth perspective, the company benefits from overlooked market opportunities, expansions and acquisitions. In cases where the company needs a lean perspective, refining processes through process mapping, focusing on reducing wasted time, money and resources and improving on the delivery of value, becomes a central focus. Obtaining a clear perspective of a challenging situation or a daunting economic climate that the business was impacted by can help your company’s leadership to draw out the strategy needed to bring the company towards recovery or the bounce-back that it needs.

Bespoke coaching solutions

Each executive coaching program is tailored, specific to the organisation and individual’s needs. The fact-finding process involved is often one of the most important components of executive coaching. The initial interview, history and, definition and analysis of the core limitations and capabilities of the executives being coached comes first. Being able to listen to the perspectives of the executive and provide the necessary feedback to take the executive and their teams to the next level is an ongoing discussion that continues until agreed objectives are achieved. A key area that we stress when we work with executives is providing timely and crucial feedback, whether in the form of direct feedback, summaries and subsequent reports to the line managers at the very senior management level. This gives senior management the ability to integrate this feedback as part of their oversight process over the leaders of the company’s specific teams. This allows senior management to be accountable for the performance of their teams, which has an impact on the short and long-term strategy, and operation of the business.

What we work on with your company in our executive coaching programs:

  • Establishing cohesion amongst different levels of leaders. Ensuring the executive and senior management are on the same page, driven by the same metrics, ethos which provides clarity to the teams that rely on executive and senior management leadership. This steers the company towards becoming more effective and proactive as a whole.
  • An analysis of the goals, objectives and mapping out requests and instructions from senior management based on the outcomes that are desired and that can be achieved from the coached executive’s performance.
  • We work with your company’s key assets, its people, regardless if this is realised or yet to be realised. We harness, identify or recharge high-performance personnel with the potential to grow further and surpass their current potential. This is the turning point for staff that may not be meeting the desired mark. We interview, identify and coach personnel to understand their limitations and capabilities, listen to their perspectives and provide key recommendations.
  • We map out phases in a company’s lifespan where growth is a key feature and also work with businesses that are faced with challenging situations. When growth is a key feature, core values drivers such as staff accountability, performance reviews, prioritisation of tasks, optimisation and efficiency need to be reinforced and embedded in the management coaching sessions to the executive to drive this process. In more challenging business environments, we provide as seamless a process as possible where there are significant staff transitions and where there is an exit strategy, planning and coaching required for the exit team.

The types of outcomes that you can expect from executive coaching:

  • Executives that have a clear understanding of their vocation by utilising the process of executive coaching to get realistic, achievable and purpose-driven actions to achieve their goals.
  • Executives who are independent, proactive and informed in the decision-making process while able to be mindful and employ a risk management approach that remains focused and accountable to the goals set out by the company
  • Identifying high performers and utilising their full potential. For executives who have potential and have not met the mark, to guide through a proactive process that recognises current limitations, capabilities and talents.
  • To track, monitor and quantify productivity amongst staff and the company as a whole, to realise the impact on the company’s bottom line, return on investment and to experience how organisational changes and executive coaching can have an impact on these key company metrics.

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