We all need a hand sometimes.

Chat Clinic's psychologists will guide you back to a place of strength and restore your sense of independence and, confidence.

Face-to-face & Telehealth Services are available.

All Our Psychologists Are Registered With The Psychology Board Of Australia.

We Take Pride In Providing The Highest Quality Of Care.

Our Online and Face-To-Face Services Are Personalised, Private & Evidence-Based

You Are Unique. Personalised Therapy Is What We Do Best.

The therapeutic process begins the moment your therapist is dedicated to listening to your unique story.

Screenings, tests and assessments are tailored to your profile. This informs decisions about therapy, any necessary mental health education and settings required to piece together a personalised solution.

You're In Control. Privacy Is Always At The Forefront.

Your therapy sessions, assessment data and reports are confidential.

Unless you provide us with explicit consent and permission to share your information, we ensure the content of your sessions remains private. The only exception is if it is otherwise required by law

The Proof Is In Outcomes.

Evidence-based therapies are effective, beneficial and cost-effective in the treatment of mental health issues.

As therapists, we make conscientious, explicit and judicious use of best evidence in making decisions about your care. This incorporates clinical expertise, your values, preferences and individual circumstances as a central part of decision-making.

Secure Plaforms For Peace Of Mind

Every technology platform we use is secure and encrypted.

As we work together on some sensitive and private issues, we value how important it is to handle any of your information with care. This includes our communications with your GP, other healthcare practitioners and organisations.

What Happens After Therapy Matters

Taking the first step to engage with a therapist is in itself, an accomplishment.

However, there comes a point where therapy ends. We go a step further to follow-up with you at mutually agreed times after therapy ends. This distinction in our services means the world to those with higher risk or need help to stay on track.

Reports That Could Change Your Life

Your reports have to convey the complexities of what’s been learned about you in the best possible way.

The report may be read by other clinicians, schools or the Courts. It is imperative to utilise empirically solid data, up to date testing instruments, and writing that is concise, accurate and considers your circumstances. Our reports help you understand how to solve the problems that prompted the evaluation.

We provide services to NDIS participants and welcome inquiries from support workers, support coordinators, local area coordinators and staff associated with the NDIS.

Chat Clinic - NDIS

Chat Clinic is committed to providing you, your family members, friends or your clients with safe and accessible psychological services.

The people we work with trust us because we offer the following:

All Our Psychologists Are Registered With the Psychology Board Of Australia. Get The Support You Need.

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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land that we live and work on and we are committed to closing the gap.