Why engaging a professional is important.

Alleviating interpersonal conflicts between parties within a company requires a commitment to effective communication and respectful professional behaviour. When neither party is able to exercise the above two commitments effectively, external professional mediation support is required. Given the sensitive nature of such deliberations, experienced professionals who have a commitment to confidentiality, privacy and informed consent, greatly increases the likelihood that the professional mediation will result in desired outcomes.

Engaging a professional may prevent significant losses

The loss of time, financial resources, human resources amongst other valuable company resources can be mitigated particularly if a situation that requires mediations is flagged early on in the process. It is important for a company to recognize the level of importance or severity of the impact and, that the mediation is conducted in a timely, organised yet fair, collaborative and compassionate manner to prevent the exacerbation of an ongoing workplace conflict or dispute.

Early detection and engaging in a collaborative approach

Each workplace conflict or dispute requires different levels of mediation. In order to prevent the escalation to costly legal settlements, we evaluate early on if deliberations have been conducted in a timely, organised yet fair, collaborative and compassionate manner. While the outcomes of such discussions are often speculative, the fundamental tenets of effective communication and respectful professional behaviour integrated into the discussions permit all parties to air their concerns in a sensitive manner. Our team of psychologists will provide the necessary support to these mediations in a clear and professional manner. Our psychologists will inform you early on if a recommendation is required to work with partners who are skilled in the legal aspects of mediation.

The types of outcomes that you can expect from our mediation process:

  • Being able to access a mediator in a timely manner that will set out a process that is clear, structured and within the scope of their competence
  • Adherence to clear professional boundaries, standards and protocols that have been established between all parties
  • Personalised advice as to how mediation and remediation may proceed between parties
  • Being able to develop processes to recognise early warning signs including foreseeing early on in the process where mediation would be required.
  • Recognizing the level of importance or severity of the impact of a conflict or dispute and, how your company’s management proactively engages your staff and pre-empts when mediation may be required
  • Receive a summary of briefings from the mediation and where requested and agreed, to be formally reported to management within the framework of confidentiality, privacy and informed consent

The types of outcomes that you can expect:

  • Your company’s understanding of mediation and the effectively utilising the mediation process to deescalate, better manage and resolve workplace conflict and disputes
  • Policies and procedures considered in the context of risk management and whether current organisational protocols developed for management and staff are appropriate
  • Being able to mitigate health and safety risks and bringing these issues to the forefront as a commitment to employee well being
  • Observing the real return on investment in terms of the overall improvement in productivity in the company and contribution to the company’s bottom line.

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